Can Dogs Bleed To Death From Nails | Tips To Prevent Nail Bleeding

Having a pet is a rewarding and stressful experience at the same time. Pets are family and we always want the best for them. And grooming them regularly is a part of ensuring great health.

Regular grooming includes cleaning ears, cutting nails, and giving your dog a bath whenever necessary. While everything is doable, cutting nails can be scary. Dogs tend to panic and cutting the nails too short is extremely painful. It can cause bleeding as well. This is why, you must take the utmost care to ensure this never happens. 

The easiest way to prevent any problems is to trust a certified dog groomer. It costs money, yes, but it takes all the stress away. Dogs are also naturally less squeamish with vets and groomers. This eases the process. Having said that, we understand that sometimes, you have to resort to home options. This begins with buying the right nail filing or grinding tool and learning how much to cut before it gets “too much.” We are going to talk about exactly this.

Bleeding while Cutting Nails

But first, let’s address a major concern –

Can Dogs Bleed To Death From Nails?

Cutting nails too short (beyond the quick) will result in bleeding because you will have cut the vein. This can also be extremely painful. So, your dog will yelp and suffer for quite a while. However, healthy dogs will not bleed to death from nails. They will be able to stop it after a while. 

But, there are consequences to this – your dog will not trust you anymore. It’s a deal breaker. Also, dealing with the fact that you hurt your dog can be too much to take.

This is why we reiterate – it is safest to trust the groomer unless you know what you are doing.

How Can You Cut Nails Safely And Prevent Bleeding?

Cut Nails Safely And Prevent Bleeding

Here are a few tips that can help you in this regard – 

  1. Buy the right nail grinder or cutter. There are many in the market but you should choose based on the vet’s advice. 
  2. Make nail cutting a rewarding activity. Treat your dog will lots of snacks so that your dog is not stressed out. Starting early is a good idea because it gives dogs the time to get used to it. A trusting dog is a cooperative dog. 
  3. Learn how to use the cutter. If you carefully look at your dog’s nails, you will see an area where the color changes. This is the quick. You should never cut to the quick. Stop cutting before this point and everything will be okay.

How To Stop Dog Nail Bleeding?

We understand mistakes happen. You are only human. There’s no need to panic and stress out. 

The focus should be on curbing the bleeding immediately. Use styptic powder and press it into the nail. The bleeding will stop within no time. 

Keep consoling your dog throughout so that he knows he can still trust you. Let him be for a while and do not force him to go on walks during this time. He needs to heal.

What Can I Use Instead of Styptic Powder?

Corn Starch or Flour

Keeping styptic powder handy whenever you cut your dog’s nails is very important. On the off chance that you do not have it, you can use corn starch. You can also try flour as a temporary substitute.

Bleeding will slow down within a couple of minutes and stop completely very soon. If it does not stop and is continuing beyond 15 minutes, you should go to the vet immediately.

Dogs trust us with their life. It is an insult to their love if we do not treat them well and do what’s best for them. Let’s be careful at all times and take the necessary steps to keep them safe.

If you have any questions about dog grooming, please feel free to talk to us. We are always here to help!

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