Do You Tip Pet Groomers: See How much to Tip Pet Groomer

Just like humans, dogs do need a grooming session once in a month or two. Grooming is also associated with the health and hygiene of your dog. A well-groomed dog will always try himself to stay clean and dirt-free. So we have experts for dogs who can handle your dog with utter care and love to enhance their beauty. They are none other than certified Pet Groomers. Life of a Pet Groomer is very balanced and full of calmness. They imply these skills and nature in grooming dogs and make them look more adorable 

Do You Tip Pet Groomers?

Let’s talk about the pets groomers and their struggle while grooming a pet. Generally, when I meet friends and relatives, the only question they ask is, do you tip a pet groomer? And I answer them very simply. You have to keep reading the below article and find the answer yourself. And I know you will easily get the point, but you must be convinced of the concept too. So don’t skip any part. 

Are you supposed to tip dog groomers?

Are you supposed to tip dog groomers_

Making this very clear and straight to you all, Yes, you are supposed to tip a dog groomer. Dog groomers are the same as your personal hairdresser, makeup person, caretaker, or any other profession that needs physical control. A dog groomer is working with a movable creature that they have to clean and regain their inner beauty. Being a dog groomer is no longer a profession but art too. Read the below point that will justify the reasons why you should tip the dog groomer? 

  1. Grooming a dog is a physically demanding job and can only be done if you really love them. It requires lots and lots of patience to work with them as they are unpredictable. Cooperation is the key to grooming, all the pet groomers are trained well to manage your pets and cooperate with them easily. 
  2. Pets are unpredictable, and if you have a dog, then chances of getting hurt increase as compared to small peaceful ones. It may happen while styling that the dog loses his/her control and bite the groomer out of rage. So if you understand the pain, then you should probably help the groomer to get paid more. 
  3. It also may happen that due to lack of patience and calmness, your dog creates a great ruckus and does not allow the groomer to groom in the middle of the styling. At this time, when your dog is partly groomed, you should pay the entire money and should also tip to make the groomers feel worthy as they have already spent their time trying their best.
  4. During the extreme cases of shedding when your dog loses a huge amount of hair, this makes groomers work more tiresome and difficult to clean all the mess afterward. Over shedding is natural in the case of some breeds and it is very common too. But if you have a dog that sheds his/her hair a lot then you can talk about it prior to grooming sessions too.  
  5. During the extreme case of matting, the dog loses lots of fur and damages the sheets too. So all of this has to be cleaned by the groomer itself. The hair after matting actually becomes thick to remove. Thus they should be tipped more for extra efforts. 
  6. If the dog is overweight or older in age, then it becomes difficult for the dog to stand for such a long time of grooming, and thus they do not allow the groomer to style them properly. And it is a huge task to keep them motivated and groom them even in this situation. It requires lots of skills and patience for the groomers to groom elder aged and overweight dogs. It takes more than normal time to groom them, and thus you should tip them more for their assistance and calmness.

How much do you tip a pet groomer?

How much do you tip a pet groomer_

There is no such rule book that decides how much you should tip a groomer. But when such questions arise, then the answer is, it is completely in your hand and choice. On average, all the groomers get 40% on each groom, and the rest goes to the company directly. Giving a tip to pet groomers is a gesture of valuing their profession and skills. Your pet may pee, scratch, or even bite the groomer while grooming them. So you should also keep these points into consideration. 

I will provide you a guideline that will make your thoughts clear of how much you should tip the groomer. Generally, you should tip 15-20% of the amount to the groomer. If you are not satisfied and aren’t really happy with the grooming done then you can decrease the percentage. Vice versa if you like the grooming. But yet I would suggest you to at least give 15% of a tip to a groomer as they totally deserve that. 

Is there any dog groomer etiquette?

Is there any dog groomer etiquette_

There is no such etiquette for dog groomers that have to be strictly followed. But you should know that groomers sometimes add extra services without adding additional costs. At times the groomers will also deny taking tips in front of the master or their head. When you give the tip directly to the receptionist, then it does not go in the pocket of the groomer, instead it gets added to the tip fund of the salon. So always use the slip method and slightly give a tip to the groomer. 

I hope this article would have convinced you that you should tip the groomer and how much to tip. So next time you visit your groomer, treat them more gently, and remember the percentages to tip them.

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