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How to Make a Dog Nail Stop Bleeding – Quick Tips?

Bleeding from your mongrel nails can be throbbing so you have to be careful while trimming as major blood vessels run into his feet. Inside the nails of your pup, there is a delicate part known as quick that encompasses nails and blood vessels. If accidentally you cut the quick with the dog nail grinder, then your loving pet will squeal due to the bleeding from blood vessels.

How to Make a Dog Nail Stop Bleeding

If you trim your pup’s nail too closely, then the bleeding befalls as the soft tissues lie beneath the toenails. At this pathetic situation don’t get panic. The bleeding stops on its own but if it doesn’t then you can make use of some methods to swiftly halt the bleeding. Here in this post, I will share with you some tips that provide immense knowledge regarding how to make a dog nail stop bleeding. These tricks will quickly provide relief to your loved pet so let’s discuss in detail.

  • Use of Styptic Powder- It will give relief from pain and will stop the bleeding as it is antiseptic and serve as the anti-hemorrhagic agent. You can use the wet cotton applicator to apply styptic powder to the bleeding nails of your pet. On the cut, keep the moderate pressure for 30 seconds. You can reapply the powder if the bleeding doesn’t stop. To get immediate results, you can directly dip your pet’s nails into the powder. If in case, after trimming accident, your dear doggie doesn’t allow to touch his nails then you can proceed with the application method. Veterinarians and professional groomers make use of this tip as it is very much effective.
  • Making use of Styptic pencil- You can moisten styptic pencil with water. You can easily get it from pharmacies. It will stop the bleeding quickly due to the presence of astringent that helps in stimulating blood vessel contraction. Rotate the styptic pencil across the cut. It will seal the blood vessels due to the presence of silver nitrate that results in quick congealing.

Many times homemade remedies also serve as the boon to your loyal hound. In the absence of styptic powder, you can make use of household stuff such as cornstarch, flour, baking soda and bar soap. I will throw light on the same so that you can find your feet in the homemade easy-going tips which will serve as the adequate substitute for your pet.

Let’s talk about these tricks in detail.

  1. A paste of flour, cornstarch or baking soda- Mix all kinds of stuff with water to prepare the thick paste. On your pup’s injured nail, you can apply the paste directly with the help of a cotton applicator and then leave it for a few minutes. You can apply the second layer on the wound if the first layer doesn’t stop bleeding. This paste will not only help coagulation but will also aid from inflowing the wound.
  2. Odorless Soap- You can make use of the soap bar to stop dog nails bleeding. First of all, you get it to make it soft and then for 3-5 minutes press your pup’s toenail into the bar of soap. Be certain to moist your bar soap so that it quickly gets soft. You can even break off a piece of soap if you find it uneasy to push your pup’s paw into the soap directly.
  3. Warm water- You can use warm water to get rid of the problem of nail bleeding. In a slow stream of hot water, you can run your dear doggy’s paw and then use a wet cloth to wrap the leg. For a minimum 20 minutes, you can put moderate pressure on the wounded toe.

What will you do in case bleeding lasts for a longer time?

Most probably the nail bleeding will stop as these hurts are minor. All home remedies will provide practical results. Mainly your adorable canine will not lose blood in bulk. If your doggie has suffered from the minor cut, then he will soon recover by the remedies.

On the contrary, if you observe that the wound is deep and bleeding is occurring for a prolonged time like more than 20 minutes then you should move forward for medical treatment. Call a veterinarian so that your pet’s bleeding issue can be cured appropriately. If you are waiting for the vet to visit your place or taking your doggy to his clinic, then one thing you can manage is that bandage the paw so that the blood doesn’t flow in much quantity.

What precautions to be assumed before trimming?

As an owner, you must be concerned about your dog’s health. To avoid any mishap or accidents, you should make yourself attentive and vigilant that how you should proceed for trimming the nails of your furry family member. I advise you to use the best dog nail grinder to avoid any damage due to the poor quality of the trimming product. Also, if you cut your Furry friend quickly, then it will result in bleeding, so it is important for you to identify the quick which will help you in trimming correctly.

Positive reinforcement will help you to make your pet comfortable with the grooming process. The Dremel checks speed so you can rely on it for snipping the nails of your beloved pet. In case you find challenging to trim your pet’s nail then you can take the help of a professional groomer or get it done at the office of the veterinarian.

Your pet is dear to you, so you take care of his grooming. Keeping their nails in proper shape and size will not only provide comfort to your pet but also makes you happy. If you cut your dog’s nail too short, then no need to worry at all. Stay calm and follow the tips mentioned above that will provide quick relief to your valued pet. This article will serve you with proper understanding so that you can take care of your hound perfectly.

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