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How to Restrain a Dog to Clip Its Nails – Safe Restraint Method

We can’t deny the fact that the majority of dogs don’t like their nail trimming activity. It generally depends on the personality and the nature of the dog. It also depends on his past experiences with such processes. So, when you try to cut or clip the nails of your beloved pooch, he shows tantrums to express his displeasure. Generally, he pulls or jerks the foot away. If he becomes aggressive, then he can also bite or start barking. In such scenarios, it is essential to learn dog grooming restraint techniques for the dog’s safety. Knowing how to restrain a large dog for nail clipping is also beneficial to the person who is trimming the nails.

Caution: All dogs have some triggers – be it fear or pain or both. Always remember that they are animals, and they do bite even if you are their favorite master. If you have a dog that doesn’t like this process at all and becomes very aggressive during the nail clipping activity, then it is recommended to use a muzzle for your protection. It will also keep the dog in control. If you are still not comfortable with trimming your dog’s nails, please take him to the vet for professional support.

How to Restrain a Dog to Clip Its Nails

Method 1: Standard Hold

Standard Hold

The professionals first try this method to restrain a dog during an examination or at the nail trimming session. Wrap your arm around the dog’s neck and the other one around the tummy. Keep your arms lightly wrapped and try to hold his paw with your hand. You can also keep your dog in the exact same position by holding him under his armpits. This way, you can stay near to your dog and pamper him while the other person is trimming your pooch’s nails

If your dog is frightened, you should keep talking to him and encourage him to stay calm in the process. Keep telling him ‘it’s okay, we are fine’ or ‘it’s almost done’ and ‘you are a good boy’ from time to time. At last, you can give your dog his favorite treat and tap/praise him.

Professionals also suggest keeping the other arm around the dog’s tummy. This way, you can stop him when he decides to fight back. When your arm is around his belly, you can immediately apply pressure and lift him before he starts scratching. However, never use force if there is no need to do it. 

Method 2: Lay Your Dog Down

Lay Down Your Dog

If you or your dog are uncomfortable with the standard hold, and it becomes challenging to clip his nails, then you should try this method. Some dogs don’t fight or can’t run away easily if you keep them leid down on his side. Take your arm near to his head and place it over the neck. Do it when you are behind your dog, which means while facing the back of your dog. After getting the light grip over your dog’s neck, take your elbow toward his head and immediately grab the leg. The second arm will be on the top of his back in between his tummy and hips to hold the bottom leg.

By using this method, you can grasp your poochie without applying much pressure or force. If he is calm, then you can continue trimming his legs. But if the dog struggles, then because of having a comfortable grip of his legs, you can quickly control his head with your arm and elbow. This method works the majority of the time while clipping your canine’s nails.

The Bottom Line

There are times when you may not need to restrain your dog to Clip Its Nails. So firstly, observe your dog’s behavior and then make a decision. If your dog keeps moving and doesn’t stay still, then leave him for a while. Do not force him much as it might get risky for him as well as you. Also, it is essential to know what you can do in the case of an emergency. Keep the bandages with you always. I hope this article has helped you to understand how to restrain a dog. Stay tuned for more such updates. 🙂

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