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How to Use Dog Nail Clippers with Guard – Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Cutting the nails of your pet is not that effortless. It requires your time and mainly patience. Many people, especially those who are new in having or growing dogs consider trimming as a scary task. Undoubtedly, they have their reasons as the dogs may not cooperate with the master initially, and it is imperative to make your canine steady when you are cutting or trimming their nails.

Fortunately, there are many new types of equipment are invented in our day to day life which can help us to make such processes easy. If you don’t want to give any negative experience to your dog even for such short period of nail trimming, you should buy dog nail clippers (with the guard!)

How to Use Dog Nail Clippers With Guard?

Yes, I know; there must be a lot of people who do not have the idea of that small metal guard along with the clipper. Sometimes, you may also feel that it is useless and annoying. But no, it is not! In fact, it is an essential element to trim your pet’s nails safely.

Confused? Don’t be! Because, by noticing this issue at the common ground, here I give few steps which can explain that how you can use dog nail clippers with a guard to trim your dog’s nails!

Step 1: Use Sharp Clippers

dog sharp clippers

Using sharp as well as high-quality clippers is crucial. Sharp clipper helps you to cut the nails easily, with the least efforts. It is also comfortable for your dog or pet as it can cut the nails faster and only in one attempt.

I recommend you to use Oster dog nail clippers. It is one of the Pet nail grinder available in the market. Not only for smaller breeds, but even if you have an animal over 20 Lbs., then also this can be a good option for you. It is not so expensive as well as famous for the pain-free cutting of nails.

Step 2: Keep Your Dog Still

Keep your dog seated or laid

While trimming or cutting, you should maintain this thing in mind that your pet might become scared or irritated during this process. If you can’t keep him still, you might end up hurting him. So, it is essential to keep him seated or laid.

To sedate a dog for this task, keep him calm, stable, and comfortable. Keep pampering him and then pull his legs. When you are working alone, then let him sit on your lap or laid him in front of you. If you have a larger animal, then you may need some help from others to hold him for you.

Step 3: Take the Smaller Portion for Trimming

trimming dog nail

Many of you must have the idea that the blood vessels of a dog grow with the growing nails. So, you should take extra care while cutting the nails. Don’t worry. Firstly, take the only edge off! Long nails of your pet must be cut bit by bit.

Here, at this point, metal guard clippers can be a blessing for you. It helps you measure the nails so that the deeper nail cut can be avoided. You should stop trimming when you see a small dark circle.

Still, if you accidentally cut deeper than the assumed or the guard have suggested, and if the nail begins to bleed, you can do these two things.

  • Give pressure to the tip of the nail to stop bleeding, or
  • Use the Styptic powder a bit and to dip the nail in it.

After that, just make sure that your canine doesn’t move here and there for a short period to get some rest.

Thank Your Canine

So, these were the three steps to use dog nail clipper with the guard. After this process, show your ‘Thank You’ gesture to your dog for all his cooperation. Pamper him as much as he wants and tap him for sometimes. This activity of yours can create a comfort zone for your dog and make him cooperative.

I hope this article was able to solve all your queries and confusions regarding metal guard Clippers. Have a safe and healthy session with your dog and never forget to love your best companion unconditionally.

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