How To Cut Newborn Puppy Nails: Safest Ways To Trim Puppy Nails

You’ve recently welcomed a new cute and furry family member, and your house is enlightened with joy. Having a newborn puppy can be an exciting start to a great bond, but it also comes with substantial responsibilities. All the little things have to be taken care of, like food, grooming, annual checkups, exercises, etc.

Like humans, dogs need to get their nails cut so that they don’t break or fortuitously hurt themselves. Minute things like cutting their nails can be daunting if it is being done for the very first time. People are often confused about when to cut the puppy’s nails. Trimming will be required within a week itself, and it can be done at a gap of three to four weeks. Utmost precision is required while cutting newborn puppy nails. 

How To Cut Newborn Puppy Nails?

Tips On How To Cut Newborn Puppy Nails

The following tips can help you get updated on all the tips to cut your newborn puppy’s nails: 

  • Make your puppy comfortable before clipping their nails.

Your puppy must be calm and comfortable before you start clipping their nails. You can simply pick them up and cuddle with them so that no negativity is associated with nailing clipping. Place them on a table or your lap for ease.

  • Know where to cut

It is better to research the layers of the puppy’s paws before you start clipping their nails. Always cut a little bit at a time so that you don’t accidentally cut the innermost skin. It could easily result in bleeding, and thus it is necessary to stay cautious.

  • Know how to cut the nails with clippers

As puppy nails are delicate, clippers can easily do the trick. Gently grip your puppy’s paw, push back any hair growing around it and squeeze the paw pads to separate the toes. Utilize it to clip off the part of the nail that curves over. It is essential to know how to trim puppy nails one tip at a time so that there is no pain caused. It is also recommended to handle your puppy’s ears and mouth while clipping their nails so that they get used to the process.

  • Know how to file puppy nails

You can file your puppy’s nails with an emery board or glass nail file. Gently and slowly move the file back and forth over the nails till the end is smooth. 

  • Do not panic if it starts to bleed.

If you end up cutting the innermost part of the nails and your pup ends up bleeding, do not panic, and just apply some styptic powder to stop the bleeding. You can clip the remaining nails on some other day if the pup gets uncontrollable.

Bottom Line:

Cutting your puppy’s nails doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience, neither for your puppy nor for you. Make sure you give your poppy his or her favorite treats and cuddles after the clipping session so that they would be less frightened of the process in the future. I will be back with many such informative articles, till then keep loving animals.

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