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How to Use Guillotine Dog Nail Clippers | The Ultimate Guide

As a pet owner, you try every possible thing to keep your furry pet in the well-groomed state. In the grooming process of your pet, the nails play a vital role. If you find your pooch’s nails long, then you can get it trimmed by making use of nail clippers.

It is essential to provide a good quality nail clipper to your pet so that it makes the grooming process smoother, convenient, and satisfactory. Here I will talk over the guillotine dog nail clippers that will provide efficient results to the dog’s nail trimming task.

First of all, let’s discuss how it works so that without any confusion you can make use of it on your loving pet.

How To Use Guillotine Dog Nail Clippers?

1. Make Your Pooch Comfortable With The Clipper

Pooch Comfortable With The Clipper

It is observed that the dogs possess phobia with the nail clipper, so they avoid undergoing this activity. It is essential to keep your canine comfortable with the clipper so that he doesn’t run away from the nail trimming process. Make your pet sit comfortably and build a relaxed and cozy environment with him by offering treats to him. Gently hold his paws and encourage him to face the nail trimming process. Softly make him acquainted with the clipper by showing him the same so that he can sense your intention of nail clipping.

Allow him to settle down by motivating him. You have to be patient while dealing with your pet as it may take a few days to settle him down.

2. Start Clipping Process

Start Clipping

Once you get an assurance that your pooch is mentally prepared for clipping the nails, then you finally move on to the trimming activity. Ensure that while trimming the dog’s nail you start from the tiniest portion. Trim the least possible quantity so that you don’t cause any damage to the quick. If the quick of your four-legged friend gets hurt, then it may cause pain and bleed too.

To recognize the quick becomes challenging for doggies that hold darker nails as you can easily make out quick in light colored nails. With time and practice, you can increase the portion of the dog’s nail without hurting the quickness of your pet.

3. Provide Final Touch

Final Touch

After trimming the pet’s nail with guillotine clippers, you work on the nail edges. You can make use of filer or grinder to provide the final touch to your dog’s nail. The filing is essential to check that your pooch’s nail doesn’t stick to anything like clothes or toys. Filing will provide smoothness to your pet’s nail, and if you avoid doing it, then it can tear anything precious which can be painful for you and your dog too.

All these steps will make you aware about the usage of guillotine dog nail clippers. If you follow these steps carefully and patiently, then you will undoubtedly experience success in your pet’s nail trimming task. Once you are about to complete the ways as mentioned above, make arrangements to offer treats and lots of praise to your beloved pet. The love, appreciation, encouragement, and motivation are the influential factors that make the nails trimming task smoother for your pet and allow you to smartly deal with the challenging situation of your dog’s nail trimming.

After discussing the valuable ways of using guillotine-style clippers for your pet, I will throw light on the good quality products of guillotine dog nail clippers so that you can become familiar about the features and can come to know about the worth of the same.

Guillotine Dog Nail Clippers

1. Resco Dog Nail/Claw Clippers

Resco Original Deluxe DogResco offers original deluxe dog nail clippers that provide high durability to the grooming industry. This high-quality product is made in America. In 1937, the guillotine style clippers were designed by Resco.

  • It can replace the micro-honed blade due to patented blade replacement technology.
  • It will provide style, performance, and coziness as it holds deluxe grips and a top powder coat.
  • The groomers, experts, specialists, and vets recommend this tool for your pet.
  • It is constructed of heavy-duty steel which you will find long-lasting for your doggie.

If you are looking for nail clippers for small to medium-sized or large dogs, then this product is apt for your pooch. Every time it assurances the cleanest cut in the industry so you can rely on this product to groom your pet correctly.


2. Bondpaw Guillotine Nail Trimmers

Dog Nail Clippers Bondpaw Guillotine

Bondpaw presents guillotine nail clippers that will quickly and cleanly trim your pet’s nail. In the hole, you only stick the end of your dog nail and squeeze it to get it cut.

You will find the toenail chip collection covers the innovative design of nail collection and the bland. It will keep the floor clean as it will collect the trimmed nails and prevent it from falling on the floor.

  • The handle of the tool is ergonomic, comfortable, non-slip, and provides a secure grip.
  • It produces a rebound effect due to the presence of stainless steel. This durable piece holds a strong internal force structure.
  • It provides a replacement warranty for 18 months, and the high-quality materials are used to make this tool.

If you own small or medium-sized pet, then make use of this appliance that will make your pet’s nail trimming task stress-free. Experience nail chip collection along with pet’s nail trimming.

From these two products, you can make out what all the pet’s nail trimming tool should have to make the trimming task free from the worries for the caretaker and particularly for the adorable pet.


This article will serve you as the essential guide about guillotine dog nail clippers which will provide you in-depth knowledge regarding in what manner you can use the guillotine clippers for your pet and what all relevant features can make this appliance a useful product for the grooming task of the faithful friend. By making use of this piece of equipment, you can comfortably look at the grooming task of your pet.

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