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How to Sharpen Dog Nail Clippers?: Top Easiest Ways

The most important part of dog grooming process is cutting the overgrown nails. Grooming the nails might be painful but cutting them in frequent intervals help the pet in walking. As per the veterinary doctors, overgrown nails can injure dog’s feet or tear the skin if they scratch themselves too hard. Also, you never want the flooring to have scratch marks, getting carpet or furniture torn apart from their feet.

How to Sharpen Dog Nail Clippers?

Sharpen Dog Nail Clippers

  • With continuous usage, the dog nail clippers get dull with time. One need to sharpen the blades or replace the clipper altogether when it crushes the nails instead of cutting them in one push. With so many types of dog nail clippers available in the market, each blade requires different sharpening tool. Dismantling the tool is the most critical step of sharpening.
  • If your clipper has an actuating lever design, then make sure to remove the pin holding clippers. Once the clipper gets dismantle, the blades come off quickly.
  • The next step is to clean the equipment with liquid cleaner to get rid of nails, dead skin and dust.
  • Once everything is cleaned, the next step is sharpening the blade. The tools usually used in this task is the sharpening stone, grinding stone, ceramic rod or a diamond tapered rod. Depending on the dog nail clipper, one needs to use one of these sharpening tools to restore the edge of the blade. The pet groomer usually prefers the sharpening stone or the grinding stone for the blades as its easy to use and give satisfactory results.
  • For sharpening, hold the blade at 35 to 45-degree angle. The holding of the blade is important as the posture will ensure that the blade of the clipper is getting evenly sharpen. Slide the blade from side to side ten times or more until you see the edges getting sharpen. Wipe it residue with a thick cloth and repeat the same process on the other side.
  • Once the blades are sharpened correctly, carefully place the blades back on the original place and assemble the clipper. You can use few drops of oil on the blades and clipper to lubricate the mechanism.
  • There is a different type of dog nail clippers available in the market which will help in cutting the ingrown or infected nails. But continuous use of the clippers tends to lose it strengthens resulting in cutting uneven nails. This is when you need to sharpen dog nail clippers. The whole process might look like a difficult task buts it’s quite easy and can be done in short span of time.

There are mainly three types of dog nail clippers available in the market.

  • Guillotine: This style of clipper comes with a retractable blade that works when the handle is squeezed. The blade should be sharp to cut the nail without getting too close to the skin. The only problem with a clipper is if the dog nail is too hard, it will crush or chip the nail rather than cutting it.
  • Scissors: As the name suggests, it’s a scissor designed to cut dog’s tuff nail. They are probably the easiest type of dog nail clippers available in the market and used by most of the pet groomers.
  • Rotary Sander: This clipper for the dog has a spinning sander that file down the nails leaving them smooth on the edges. This power tool can be slow when you are trimming the hard nail, and the noise can disturb the pets. Also, the rotary sander requires replacement of parts frequently compared to other nail clippers.

When is the time to dispose of the Dog Nail Clippers?

Sharpen dog nail clippers may not last long as everything has a shelf life. As a dog groomer, one needs to realize that after some time, you need to replace the old nail clippers with the new one. The most common thing to notice is the wear and tear on the edges of the clipper. If the clippers are not functioning correctly, change it immediately as it can harm your pet’s nails.

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