Best Dog Clippers for Cocker Spaniel : Start Haircut of Your Pooch

Cocker spaniels are among the cutest, most adorable beings to ever have blessed the earth! Of course, all dogs are cute, but there’s no denying that it is harder to resist petting a cocker spaniel. They are like little clouds of sheer happiness that call for attention, love, and everything that’s good and joyful! If a cocker spaniel is a member of your family, you sure feel like we are talking about your language!

Now, to keep your furry baby furry and cute, you must understand the grooming requirements. We all know that cocker spaniels have a silky coat that needs more grooming than many other dogs. The good news is that there are dog clippers made to suit a cocker spaniel’s needs. Let’s take a look at some of the best clippers for spaniels now:

Best Dog Clippers for Cocker Spaniel

1. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

Wahl Lithium Ion ProWahl is among the most popular brands when it comes to dog clippers. They are of good quality and come with a number of features that we are going to talk about here:

  • The clipper barely makes any sound during usage. This makes dogs feel comfortable!
  • A fully charged clipper will last for two hours. It also charges quite quickly – within 15 minutes.
  • You can use it for complete grooming or just touchups at home if you choose professional grooming. It fits both.
  • It has self-sharpening blades.
  • It is an entire kit that consists of whatever you could need to groom your cocker spaniel.
  • The kit comes with a guide that will help you choose the setting and the tools from the kit based on the dog you have.
  • Wahl offers a five-year limited warranty only in the USA on the dog clipper set.


2. Oster A5 Two Speed Dog Clippers for Cocker Spaniel

Oster A5 Two SpeedMulti-functional and easy to use, Oster A5 is also among the best clippers for Spaniels. You can also use it for cats, livestock, and horses. You can use it in two different speeds based on your requirements.

Why should you buy Oster A5 for your dog? Here’s the answer:

  • The kit consists of blade oil, cleaning brush, clipper grease, CryogenX blade, and carbon brushes.
  • You can replace the blade easily because it is detachable.
  • The two speeds you can use it in are 3,000 SPM and 4,000 SPM. Go through the guide that the kit comes with to understand the right setting for your spaniel.
  • It lets you clip faster than its counterparts because it has a wider blade sweep.
  • A few users were unhappy with how it heats up during use, but it only happens when you use it for 40 minutes straight. If you think your cocker spaniel may be uncomfortable with this, we recommend you to check the other options.
  • The cryogenic technology that Oster uses ensures better performance and durability.


3. Wahl Home Pet Pro-Series Complete Pet Clipper Kit

Wahl Home PetAnother gem from Wahl, the Home Pet Pro-Series is every pet owner’s dream! It makes grooming so comfortable that you (and your furry best friend) will stop dreading it.

Wondering why we are saying this? Read on, and you will know!

  • Whether it is trimming or just touchups between grooming appointments, it works brilliantly on cocker spaniels’ silky coats.
  • The clipper has self-sharpening precision, high-carbon steel blade for accuracy and smooth finishing.
  • It has a power drive motor that can easily clip even very thick hair.
  • The comfort grip clipper ensures that you use the clipper comfortably without straining your arm.
  • The kit has 4 combs of different lengths.
  • Rechargeable batteries ensure that you never have to run out for more. Simply put them to charge when you don’t use them, and they will always be ready.
  • What we particularly love about this kit is that it comes with a DVD. The DVD carries all instructions and a guide to the combs to understand the usage and never make a mistake thoroughly!


4. Andis EasyClip Dog Clippers for Cocker Spaniel

Andis EasyClip Pro-AnimalAnother one of the best dog clippers for cocker spaniels out there, Andis EasyClip is versatile and quiet, allowing your dog to breathe in peace while you groom him.

Let’s learn a little more about this clipper:

  • It works well for dogs with heavy coats. This means it is perfect for cocker spaniels!
  • The kit has 4 sizes: ½”, ¼”, 1/8”, and 3/8”.
  • It has a heavy-duty cord and a very durable body.
  • The ceramic blade is easily detachable, making it very easy to replace. The fact that it is ceramic also ensures that the device stays cool during use.
  • Make sure you go through the instruction guide to understand which attachments you must use.
  • You may find it slightly on the expensive end when you compare it to Wahl, but users swear that it is worth the money!


5. Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper

Wahl Professional Animal DeluxeWahl never stays far behind! Whatever your budget may be, Wahl has an option for you. Further to that, this particular clipper is for those who do not want to spend too much but would like a durable, reliable option.

Let’s understand the U-Clip pet clipper from Wahl better:

  • The kit consists of color-coded combs, a storage case, styling apron, stainless steel scissors, blade guard, blade oil, an instruction book, and a DVD.
  • It is good for grooming, trimming, and clipping dog hair.
  • Along with cocker spaniels, it works well for Labradors, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Cavalier, and other medium-coat dogs.
  • You can use it for touchups, ears, face, and paws but be careful to use the right attachment.
  • It is capable of 7,200 strokes per minute.
  • You can use it at high speed without worrying about noise or heat.
  • It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


While Wahl rules the list, you can see that a couple of other brands also managed to make it to the list. Be sure to check them all out before you choose the best dog clippers for your cocker spaniel. After all, your pooch deserves nothing but the best!

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