Oneisall Dog Clippers Review – Best Dog Shavers Clippers Set

Pet owners are always in search of dog shavers and clippers to home groom the dogs regularly. And it often happens to all the dog owners that they get disappointed when it comes to choosing the correct product. Well, Oneisall is a brand that every dog hair needs. They have an amazing range of products and one of the best dog clippers at an affordable rate. If you are a new pet parent and are wondering that your clipper might be useful for your pet, then you are completely wrong. 

Can one Use Human Clippers on Dogs?

Human Clippers on Dogs

No, not at all. Human hair and dog hair varies a lot. The thickness of a dog’s hair needs a stronger and sharper blade, whereas human clippers have less sharp blades. The normal human clippers are battery protected, and some work on battery and solar energy both. The power usage of the human clipper is less than the power usage of a pet dog clipper. Grooming a dog needs more time and a durable tool that is pet safe and works effectively. 

So in this article, let you get to know a detailed review of Oneisall dog clippers. This brand is known for its best dog shavers clippers set. 

Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers Set

Some Extraordinary Specifications 

Oneisall  Dog  Clippers Specifications

Battery Life:

It has an inbuilt li-ion battery that is rechargeable and exceptionally flexible while shaving your dog’s hair. Some indications can help the user to signify if the charging is completely done or not. It has a green and red light charging signal; red means charging in process, and green means the charging is completed. You can use the dog clipper while charging and use it cordless too. 

Completely Safe and Sharp at Use:

It has a very sharp and safe blade for the dog’s thick hair. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel and another ceramic blade with flexible fitting. These blades definitely improve the haircutting and grooming experience for your dog. The blades are durable and thick, that will be your partner for years. 

Great Work Under Silence:

This dog clipper has a very low vibrating effect with ultra-quiet design and sound effects. Dogs generally don’t like sound while grooming as they can’t concentrate and easily gets distracted. This one can help you while shaving your dog. 

Versatile Guards:

This pack of oneisall dog clippers comes with 6 guard options of different comb sizes. It comes in 3mm,6mm,9mm,12mm,15mm, and 18mm adjustable clipping combs. One can apply the comb on the hair as per the length and need. It is very easy to detach the comb once it is used. 


The price of oneisall dog clipper is very economical as compared to the other competitors. It is also easily available, and everyone should invest in this one for their pets. 


4 Easy Steps to Groom your Dog with Oneisall Dog Clipper

With Oneisall dog clippers and shavers, you just need to follow the 4 simple steps and groom your dog just like a professional.

Step 1. Give a good bath to your dog with lukewarm water and make sure that you clean him/her completely. 

Step 2. Now comb the hair with the brush. It has a minimal spacing that removes the debris if any. 

Step 3. Now it is time to use the scissors. Slowly cut the length of the hair as per your need.

Step 4. Shave your dog’s hair with oneisall dog clipper, and you will see your dog clean and groomed like never before. 

Should you Invest in Oneisall Dog Clippers?

After collecting many pieces of information and research, I have concluded that every pet owner should invest in the Oneisall dog shavers clipper. Even if you visit a pet groomer, you must keep a pair of these shavers and clippers combo set as it is easy to use, and you can take it with your dog at every place.

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