Best Brush for Short Hair Chihuahua – Top 5 Picks of 2020

How often are we the pet parents in search of the brushes that can help us to get rid of the loose hair and also aid in decreasing the shedding? Quite often, right! And when it comes to chihuahua, pet owners know that this breed needs maintenance and regular grooming. One needs to invest in a sturdy, durable, and good-quality chi dog brush to groom their pets at home and save money. Professional grooming sessions every week for your pet can burn a hole in your pocket, and hence to avoid that; it’s better to buy the grooming tools.

A lot of companies are offering premium quality grooming accessories today. And although the ranges are extensive, it becomes overwhelming for consumers to select the right one for their pets. To help you find the suitable chihuahua shedding brush for your little one, we have curated a list of five best brush for short hair chihuahuas that deliver exceptional results and help you groom your pets at home. 

Best Brush for Short Hair Chihuahua

1. Hertzko Chihuahua Shedding Brush

HertzkoThe first alternative on this list is this self-cleaning brush by Hertzko. This brush is suitable for the short hair chihuahua as it has a short handle that gives more grip than the brushes that come with long-handles. The brush’s bristles are also soft and work well in removing all the loose hair, knots, trapped dirt, tangles, etc from your pet’s coat without harming them. This brush is suitable for all sizes of dogs, cats, etc. One can also groom the undercoat using this brush

  • It is easy to operate, as the user needs to press one button, and the brush starts working.

  • As the brush’s bristles are made using fine bent wires, it can deeply penetrate the coat and get rid of the mats, tangles, etc without pulling or scratching your pet’s skin.

  • The brush is designed using an anti-slip handle and comfort-grip, making it user-friendly and doesn’t cause strains or aches while holding it for a long time.

  • It can work well to massage and groom the coat that helps enhance blood circulation and makes your pet’s coat shiny. 

  • The users find it easy to remove all the hair from the brush for reusing it again.

  • Some buyers have found that this brush is not durable and doesn’t last long.


2. Chirpy Pets Brush for Shedding

Chirpy PetsThe next option on this list for getting a quality chi dog brush is this one by Chirpy Pets. The shedding brush features a 100mm stainless steel blade protected by the cover to ensure users’ safety. The brush efficiently removes up to 90% of the shedding hair from your pet’s skin. The 4-inch stainless steel blade of the brush which is not very sharp to keep your pets safe. The brush gently strokes the hair without tugging or pulling the skin much. 

  • The ergonomic handle on the brush makes it super comfortable for the users to hold and operate the brush.

  • Its sleek design aids in using this brush with ease on a regular basis.

  • The deshedding brush helps eliminate all the loose hair and get rid of knots without pulling the skin aggressively.

  • The blades of the brush are not sharp, so that it doesn’t hurt your pet.

  • This deshedding brush comes with a protective cover to extend its longevity and convenient storage.


  • Some buyers are not happy with the overall quality and performance of the brush.


3. Thunderpaws Professional Deshedding Brush

ThunderpawsIf you are looking out for a professional-grade brush for your chihuahua, then this alternative can be the best buy for you. It is one of the leading brands in grooming accessories and is also used by veterinarians and professional groomers. It can be used for different breeds of dogs like chihuahua and even cats. The overall built quality of the brush is top-notch, and it delivers the results as claimed. The buyers have liked this brush’s overall performance, and its affordable price point makes this option a popular one among the pet owners. 

  • The brush features non-slip rubber handles and an ergonomic design to get a comfortable grip over the brush while working with it.

  • It is made using a premium quality 4-inch stainless steel comb that gently removes the hair and is also durable.

  • Regular grooming sessions with this deshedding brush can reduce the shedding of your pets by 95%.

  • The brush is easy to operate as one just needs to comb the hair using this brush and get rid of all the loose hair.

  • This alternative comes with a 90-days 100% money-back guarantee, so you can claim your money back if you are not happy with the purchase.

  • This deshedding brush is not recommended for the pets having long coats as it doesn’t work effectively for such coats.


4. Furminator Curry Comb for Dogs

FurminatorThe next alternative on this list is ideal for the short-haired pets as this brush by Furminator is compact and designed to work best with the short-haired pets. Furminator has a range of grooming tools and deshedding tools and other pet products that include all the hygiene-related solutions. This brush has molded rubber teeth that comb your pet’s hair and aids in stimulating the production of natural oils in the skin that helps promote the healthy coat in your pets. It also features a comfortable strap that makes it convenient for the users to hold the brush even when it’s wet.

  • The brush comes with an ergonomic handle, making it easy and comfortable to hold while deshedding your pet.

  • It efficiently removes all the loose hair and dust from your pet’s skin gently.

  • This brush is particularly suitable for short and medium coats.

  • It helps with combing the pet’s coat and getting rid of the debris left in the skin without tugging or pulling the skin. 

  • The antimicrobial plastic used in its making that aids in keeping the bacteria and germs at bay.

  • The brush cannot hold up more fur, so it’s recommended to use a deshedding tool before using this brush for the coat.


5. Pet Neat Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Pet NeatThe last alternative that you can opt for getting a good quality brush for your pet is this one by Pet Neat. This alternative is also popular among the pet owners due to its unique handle and the brush’s overall operation mechanism. As people find it easy to clean this brush and get rid of all the loose hairs, tangles, knots, trapped dirt, and mats from your pet’s fur. The brush also helps in reducing the shedding by 95%. 

  • The brush features soft bristles made from bent wires that penetrate deep into the coat and groom the undercoat without scratching the pet’s skin.

  • It is suitable for all sizes of dogs and cats.

  • The users have found this brush easy to use due to its simple one-button operation that retracts the bristles back to remove all the hair from the brush.

  • As the brush has an anti-slip handle and comfortable grip, one can use this brush with ease.

  • Many users have not liked the idea of holding the button for long to remove the hair from the brush.


Concluding Remarks

It is essential to invest in good quality and durable brush for your pets to keep your pets well-groomed. The short-haired chihuahua should be brushed once a week to get rid of the loose hair and reduce the shedding considerably. All the above-mentioned chi dog brushes perform well when it comes to grooming the coat and reducing the shedding. The brushes differ in their operating mechanism, but some of the features are quite common among all the alternatives. However, if there is one brush that I would personally recommend, it will be the one by Thunderpaws as it is affordable and ideal for the short hair chihuahua.

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