Dog Nail Grinder vs Clipper – Find the Better Option

Why do we trim our nails often? Because, if we don’t, they become an inconvenience. At least we are conscious of the need to trim our nails. Is it the same with dogs? Let’s say it is. Even then, they can’t trim their nails by themselves. They rely on our judgment and understanding in this matter.

Long nails are much more than an inconvenience to our furry friends. They can become brittle and break, causing a lot of pain. Bleeding is also a common problem. Otherwise, they can just keep growing and make walking very uncomfortable.

The good news is that you don’t always have to go to the vet or groomer to get your dog’s nails trimmed. You can use a dog nail grinder or clipper at home. Now, which one is better or are they both the same? That’s the question we are going to answer Dog nail grinder vs clipper, today.

Dog Nail Grinder vs Clipper

While both are functional and extremely useful, each of them works for particular reasons. Let’s take a look:

  1. For small dogs and medium-sized dogs, we recommend dog toenail clippers.
  2. Clippers work easily for small nails. They are quick and quiet.
  3. For large dogs, you may need dog nail grinders. A clipper, even though available for large dogs, may be uncomfortable.
  4. If your dog suffering from the anxiety or fear of the clipper, use a grinder. On the flip side, if noise freaks your dog out, you will need to use the clipper. This is because grinders make noise when they are used while clippers are quiet. Grinders also need electricity or battery power to operate.
  5. While using grinders, you must ensure that your dog and you are protected because grinding gives rise to dust. If your dog is calm and patient, this is a good idea. If he hates being tied down for a long time, use a dog nail clipper.
  6. Clippers are comparatively safer, but it is all about how you use each of these tools. We strongly advise that you read the use of instructions before you start.
  7. Sometimes, you may use both tools. Use nail clippers once in a while to trim his nails while grinders every now and then to ensure that the nails are even, rounded, and smooth.
  8. Buy a nail clipper or grinder depending on your pooch’s age and his breed. For example, there are particular puppy nail clippers and grinders for younger dogs.

A lot depends on the personality of your dog. Understanding your pet is, thus, the first step. Also, it would be great if you got your dog used to clippers and grinders early on so that they don’t freak out. If you are too worried about hurting him, though, please head to the vet and let the experts take care of it!

Make the right choice and gift your happy pooch healthy, beautiful paws!

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